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PSE Solutions GmbH is itself a central key user of PRIMADOCA, uses the product on a daily basis in its industry-specific service projects, has all software developers in-house and is continuously optimising it in a practice-oriented manner to become the market leader.

Increase quality & shape success

Ensure collaboration and communication in the hybrid, interdisciplinary and location-independent workplace through automated checking of the progress of employees' activities.

Save resources

Reduction of IT infrastructure complexity and maintenance - by introducing PRIMADOCA, existing IT solutions can be replaced as well as existing complex interfaces between different IT systems can be liquidated.

Prevent errors

Know-how retention through central, systematic data storage on a central IT solution with automated Q-checking simplifies the induction of new staff in your field.

5 Languages

Cross-border collaboration through the adjustability of the languages German, English, French, Italian and Spanish.


Collaboration platform

What tools do you use to handle your projects? Are there duplications in the processing of business processes that take up a lot of time? Do you have different work or different projects distributed across several tools? Do you have to enter the same data several times? Do you have to manually reconcile the project data in the different tools?

Projectporfolio & Project Management
Project planning
Process & project control
Automated Controlling & Reporting

Centralised data management

Centralised know-how, "The right information in the right location at the right time".

Interoperability & Collaboration

Interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary and location-independent collaboration, industry-independent standard solution (individual configuration), operation- and system-independent collaboration

PRIMADOCA is the solution in business and project management. One software for all project relevant data. The system includes a central administration of all stakeholder data, a personnel management and time recording module, a CRM (Customer Relationship Management), a DMS (Document Management System), Pendency Management, Risk Management and further modules for the systematic handling and controlling of different parallel running process steps.

PRIMADOCA is the solution for cross-functional collaboration between all employees in a company. It is a single system that can solve all your needs. The platform reduces your complex IT systems: Projects are recorded centrally, working hours are reported back to the platform, documents and tasks are assigned to the respective projects and automated controlling, reporting and dashboards are made possible by PRIMADOCA.


Reference/ The BIM method is the future in project management

Toni Dreni

Managing Director & Owner

For me, coordinating our data was always a huge effort. From each project, plans, walk-through protocols, government reports and work time tables existed in paper form. As is well known on any job site, these documents are periodically updated and redistributed to the relevant construction and project managers. Our construction sites are located throughout Switzerland. Ensuring that the right information is available to the right person at the right time in the right place is a key factor in our business. Logistics and coordination efforts have therefore increased immeasurably. I urgently needed a long-term standard industry solution. Through a recommendation in my network, I came to PRIMADOCA. By using the collaboration platform PRIMADOCA we were immediately able to plan projects at an early stage, to handle them according to standard processes, to control them and to keep track of the currently valid documents at any time and from any location due to the centralized data management.

RK Bau AG, Plasterer's shop



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