The project documents (e-mails, reports, plans, expert reports, CAD models, 3D model, etc.) are centrally stored, historized, versioned and managed. Access to the project documents is recorded with an access log. Traceability is guaranteed at all times. With the DMS module, you thus maintain an overview in every project phase and can access your project documents from anywhere.


Would you like to have a perfect overview of the written minutes, which were written for the respective project? The Minutes of Meeting module provides you with a perfect overview and you can access the minutes of older meetings at any time.

Pending management

Pending management is enormously important in today's world and it is impossible to imagine life without it. You can easily record the respective pending items including all important information and then assign them to the corresponding project. This way you always have a perfect overview of your projects and can act and react at an early stage.


Whether stakeholder or company data, the information about contacts is essential in every phase of project management. With the address module we offer the possibility to manage companies, subsidiaries and stakeholders and their connection to each other.

Project portfolio management

Project portfolio management comprises the analysis as well as the overall management of a project portfolio. Thus, you always have the planning, prioritization, overall control and the corresponding monitoring of all projects of an organization or the corresponding projects under control. With this module, you have control over all ongoing projects at all times.


Quality management (CIP, inspection orders, planned inspections, etc.)

The demand for quality is increasing from year to year and is also important to maintain and develop the company. With this process, the competitiveness of the company can be strengthened in small steps. With this module you can record all necessary and desired improvements and then prioritize them accordingly. CIP is a basic principle of quality management and an indispensable part of ISO 9001 certification.

Plan Management & Coordination Planning

Mapping of plans and definition of plan bases, interdisciplinary control of the planning & coordination process.


You meet a stakeholder and want to manage their interests and contact data centrally. With the collection of this data, all necessary bases for further stakeholder analyses are available.

Change Management

In each phase of a project, an engineering change proposal or request can be set up with the change management in order to integrate any changes or new customer requirements into the existing project planning. The changes are collected centrally and can be exported at any time.

System documentation

Own or defined structure(s) of the system documentation can be created and graphically displayed. The system documentation module guarantees structured storage, which can be categorized. With the right attribute maintenance, nothing stands in the way of efficient project completion and the operation and maintenance department can find the necessary documents at any time. Multiple filing is avoided and transparency of the system documentation is ensured. Increase quality, save time and costs.


Suppliers can make their products and their product documentation (technical data sheets, installation instructions, drawings, 3D model, delivery times, prices, etc.) available online to the planning offices, general contractors and technical offices at any time. This means that the planners, engineers & architects always have access to the suppliers' current planning data, and there is no need for tedious searches and central storage and preparation for system documentation right from the start.


With this module you can record, identify, analyze and subsequently evaluate all project risks accordingly. Risk management is understood as an ongoing process in which planning, implementation, monitoring & improvements take place continuously. This is applied over the entire life cycle of an organization / product and continuously adapted.

Traceability & Configuration Management

The traceability of the installed products & materials means that it can be determined at any time when and where and by whom the goods were obtained, manufactured, processed, stored, transported, consumed, commissioned, repaired or disposed of. Configuration management also ensures that it is possible to determine at what point in time which basic principles were valid for the development of the project planning and which products (field devices) were installed and commissioned with which software (software configuration management), and which project documents are synchronized with which versions and are valid.

Room databases

Record the wishes of your customers (necessary rooms, physical sizes, their equipment, climatic conditions, etc.) in the room database and you have already ensured the foundation for your planning. The integrated collision and configuration check shows you possible conflicts at an early stage in a fully automated manner. These conflicts can thus already be resolved in the planning phase.


The integrated glossary ensures a uniform understanding of the terms. You have the option of defining new terms and agreeing them with your project team members. This ensures that all project participants understand the same term.

Time recording

Record your working hours, staff times & absences centrally and book the hours to the respective cost elements that were previously recorded in the Project, Change Management, Pending Management, etc. module. No further interfaces necessary and yet your resource planning is always up to date.

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