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«360°-Construction Documentation»

An absolute novelty in the construction and real estate industry is the so-called 360° construction documentation: A virtual tour through companies, houses and flats or construction sites/plants.

With the 360° images, rooms and technology can be virtually experienced in an additional dimension. Architects, engineers, craftsmen or building owners can thus easily and sustainably access technical information on new buildings and conversions. With one click, you can virtually walk through the room and access the corresponding manufacturer and product information according to your needs. In this way, construction and planning teams can drive developments forward virtually and independently of location and correct errors together.

For the construction industry, the virtual view of the construction documentation means a simplification of the work for new buildings and conversions. The 360° images as construction documentation represent a digital knowledge management and simplify the previous work processes.

The viewers can click through the technical or service room via PC or mobile device and thus gain an overview in real time. The representation mirrors the personal walk-through on site. As the room can be virtually walked through in all dimensions, the desired technical documentation can be accessed with just a few clicks. This type of documentation is novel and exceptional.

PRIMADOCA is the central interface between the 360° tour and the elaborated project planning basis and the executed building.

360°- Construction Documentation

360°- Real Estate

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